I wonder why life isn’t like the fairy tale books I wanted to read growing up? why do people have to mess up to make you realize what you have or don’t have? I wonder why people need substances to make them happy? All I want is to lead a normal happy life with no problems. I try to keep to myself for the most part. I only vocalize an opinion if it is something that pertains to me or may potentially cause a problem for my daughter or myself. I feel like my husband just doesn’t get it. Anyone else feel like this? He means well and has a good heart but makes really horrible choices. Sad 😦


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Listen to Songs I Love

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Rag Quilt Alphabet Tutorial

Rag Quilt Alphabet Tutorial.

alphabet letters and numbers to make for you kids!  So soft looking and quilted too will last a while, great sewing project or you can do it on felt for the classroom!

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Birthday Counting Cards

Birthday Counting Cards.

I am using this for my daughter’s next birthday!  I can’t wait to find little treats to add up for the numbers 🙂 What a cute idea!

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Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake

Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake.

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Repurpose Dishtowels into a Skirt

Repurpose Dishtowels into a Skirt.

Dish towels are so cheap at the dollar store and I can even get holiday ones to make too!  Best dressed kid in school coming soon.

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crafting blog I love!
lots of things to do on this site, time savers, things to make and reuse from home, things for kids to make and do, GREAT!

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Kindergarten woes

Does anyone else find it sad that their kid will be starting or has already started Kindergarten? Is it always this hard? I see this little person who doesn’t need me so much anymore walking away to grow up. It is a huge milestone.

This site did give good advice for any interested. Since I work at my daughter’s school, I can’t get as involved as I would like to–I have students of my own to take care of during the day! But I can find other things to do to not feel so bad about her growing up so quickly.

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Back to school time!

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Bandana Dress

such cute colors! I could totally make her more than 1!

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